I am thrilled to tell you that I have written my first sewing pattern!   To celebrate, I am sponsoring a GIVEAWAY! (The pattern is available for sale on my Etsy shop here or by clicking on the picture in the side bar.)

This easy pattern will guide you through the steps to make a perfectly practical T-shirt quilt.  My design uses polar fleece to make a soft back, eliminating the need for batting.  This machine washable quilt, is ideal for:

  • high school and college graduates; it makes a wonderful gift and preserves memories while being used as a throw they can take with them.
  • use as a stadium blanket;  save up your favorite sports-themed T-shirts.
  • turning your husband’s or student’s giant T-shirt collection into a comfy throw.
  • a picnic blanket.
  • preserving memories of a loved one.
  • eliminating storage of T-shirts without eliminating the memories.
  • a decorative wall hanging.

This quilt is a handmade gift that you will want to make time and again.  I have made dozens and have developed this pattern and the most straight-forward method to achieve quality results. 

The finished size of the quilt is approximately 4′ x 5′ and the pattern is written for a beginner/intermediate sewer.

I have only recently started photographing my finished quilts.  As soon as they are finished they are given away.  I have made all but one of my nieces and nephews a quilt as they graduated high school.  (You’ll see a lot of Catholic schools in theses photos because tradition runs strong in my family!)  I have also made quilts for the children of friends.  Most of the quilts I have made have been for high school grads.  One quilt, however, was made for the brother of a boy who was killed in a tragic accident.  The boy was 12, the same age as my son at the time.  With each stitch, my heart broke, thinking of those poor parents and little brother.  It was my hope that the quilt, made with old T-shirts and clothes, would be like wrapping memories around the younger brother.

If you look closely you can see I’ve used tank tops and placket shirts.  Anything goes as long as I can fit in in my square!

I make these quilts for customers via word-of-mouth.  If any of you might be interested in having me make a quilt for you, please contact me.

I want to keep the contest simple.

The prize:  one T-Shirt Memory Quilt Pattern, PDF format.

To enter:  please follow my blog via subscription/reader/follow and leave me a comment, as well as a way to reach you if it is not in your profile.

Winner will be selected at the end of of May 9th, Mother’s Day and will be notified by email.

If you want to blog, tweet, Facebook to spread the word, that would be nice, but not required.