About eight years ago, I was inspired by a magazine article to try my hand at making a t-shirt quilt. It seemed like the perfect gift for a high school graduate. Since that time, I’ve made one for every niece and nephew that has graduated high school. That’s about seven nieces and nephews. (The oldest nephew did not receive one….but as he is the only one married, let’s hope that there will be opportunity for making baby quilts soon….) There are two graduating this year and, next year, the first of mine will graduate. Via word of mouth, I’ve also had the opportunity to make a quilt for a few friends or relatives. One was for the brother of a boy who died in a tragic accident. The boy was the same age as my son and I felt such sorrow working on that quilt.

Through all these quilts, I’ve modified the pattern to simplify the design and construction process and to make it the most comfortable for the recipient. It continues to be a fun sewing project and the end result is always different.

This quilt is for a friend who has a daughter graduating this year. She felt she should also have one for her son who graduated a few years ago. She is going to surprise them both with one at the graduation party in July.

Happy Graduation Season!