You may recall the Sweatshirt Tote Tutorial I wrote some time ago.  The original version had a long, braided strap that created a slouchy look.  The handle is very stretchy, so I wanted to try something different.  Here are too variations.  For both, I used the sleeves to create two-inch wide straps.  These were sewn into a tube and then inverted.  I pulled a 1/4 inch piece of home decor rope (I know that is not the official name of it, but I’m at a loss right now)  through the tube, sewed it together and created a long, rope handle.

In the Cleveland Browns version, I added eyelets and knotted the handles on the inside.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s football season.  Take one of those old sweatshirts or steal one of your husband’s and make a fun tote to take with you when you head out to the game!

PS.  The Notre Dame tote was on my Etsy shop until my sister wanted to buy it.  So I changed the listing to a custom Tailgate Tote.  If you have a sweatshirt but want me to sew it into a bag for you, stop by my Etsy shop.