It’s blustery here in Northeast Ohio!  We are getting Lake Effect snows and strong winds. I am going snow shoeing tonight – a first for me! Our neighbors invited us to join them on a special walk and wine tasting – a perfect night in my opinion!
But still, this is about the time I start thinking about summer. I have never taken a winter trip south, but I know many of you do!  I’m excited about my new Oversized Beach Totes in gorgeous Sisboom laminated fabrics!
I met Jennifer Paganelli, an amazing fabric designer, on Twitter. She introduced me to her laminated fabric last year.  I created an oversized tote to take to the pool.  You know the splash zone? I thought this bag would be perfect for that!
Oh, doesn’t that look nice?  That’s my brother-in-law’s pool, which has now been filled in.  That’s a real bummer.  You see, Cleveland summers are so short that it’s better to know someone who owns a pool or boat than to own one yourself!!!  
The laminated tote is a very basic tote…but like my oversized totes, very big. I created it because when you are dragging four kids to the beach, you can’t fit enough towels in your basic bags. This photo shows my bag filled with eight towels, half of which are thick, oversized towels!
If you are traveling, the bag folds up nice and compactly.
The bag has a key clip and if you need extra storage, you can add a small, zippered pouch.
I also decided to offer the bag in a smaller, but still large, size. 
The smaller size makes it easier to sling on your shoulder or carry it in your hand.
The listing on my Etsy shop allows you to select the color and the size that you would like.

This bag I created for a mom-to-be to take to the hospital. Her friend bought it for her because she felt it was a bag that could be cleaned easily (to remove germs! I’m totally with you on that one. I don’t breathe when I go in a hospital!)

I also have a new sea shell bag in a nautical stripe – perfect for the man or boy in your life!

Find all  my sea shell totes here.

I hope these bags get you dreaming about warm and sunny beaches!  I’ll report back on the snowshoeing next week!