I didn’t invent this. I’ve seen scarves all over the internet. But I just adore this reversible knit fabric from Joann’s!  I used it to make my striped cardi.  Online, I see it in purple and black, but I picked up this turquoise at our local store.
I purchased 1/3 yard, but this piece is about 14″ wide, so i think they gave me a little extra. I serged both sides. If you don’t have a serger you can skip this step and leave the ends – they won’t unravel!

Bring the long ends together and serger, removing the selvage as you do so. If you are using a regular machine, use a longer stitch. You can use a slight zig zag stitch if you ‘d like, but there won’t be a need for a lot of stretch.

Use a needle to hide the serger tails inside the stitching.

That’s it! You have a scarf, ready to wear, in ten minutes!

Here it is on my lovely friend! Turquoise is her color!