Nothing says patriotic more than good old red, white and blue!  And we Americans love our denim blues! I am very excited to share a few items with a nod to the Fourth of July!

This denim oversized beach tote is mongo-sized!

I may keep one of these bags for myself since I have been using the same bag for over 10 years.  Denim is durable and the bag, as shown here, is holding a twin-sized quilt plus three large towels!

And I think even a guy can pull off this bag!  So when you are heading to the beach, even your husband, scruffy teen or little guy can carry this bag in style.

Then there’s my sweet model, Annie, showing you the stars and stripes bandana headband!

Here’s a simple red headband with stars.

And another bandana headband in denim blue! (The same one used in my nephew’s quilt.  I have a sickness – I can’t waste fabric!)