Marriage, you’ve heard the platitudes….

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Never go to bed angry at one another.

The past year has been a tiresome process of searching for a major and colleges with our son, hauling him to his auditions, and discussing weighty issues such as

  • college costs
  • what’s the best music school for our son
  • should he have a car
  • how will he manage on his own
  • whether or not he hear the alarm

But, with all these weighty issues, what has caused the biggest disagreement between my husband and me?

Yep, the shower bucket.  No son of his was going to carry such a thing!  (He’s a Case grad, he probably carried a calculator to the shower!)  So, off to the sewing room I went to make a drawstring bag.  To add a bit of whimsy and “I’ll show him”, I added a Sponge Bob fabric to it.

To my surprise (and a bit to my chagrin) they both loved it!

So now that all the decisions were finalized, we headed off to orientation with my son.

Everything fit into the van including my son and his little brother.  Move-in went smoothly and quickly thanks to the extra sets of hands offered by the upperclassmen.

 If I had this lovely dormer window I think I’d spend all my time sitting here!

The room is generously sized – perfect for a music major who brought a few extra things….

And he’s got his entire week planned out (thanks to Mom’s help.)

Now we get to go through the entire process again with my daughter who is a high school senior….