The sweetest little boy entered the world not too long ago!  We are so thrilled for our neighbors!  They will be fantastic parents.  He had a little longer stay in the hospital than anticipated, but he is home now and everyone is making it through this foggy first month of baby- and parenthood!

We celebrated in ways big and small, but for a number of reasons, I knew that this baby needed a “Daddy Quilt.” 

You’ve heard me talk about these young neighbors of ours.  They are fun-loving and always include us “old” folks!  Not to mention they have a great selection of wines! They spoil us and our kids rotten!

The new “Daddy” has quite a T Shirt collection. He loves his sports, but also picks up some crazy shirts at thrift shops.  Then, when he thins out the herd, he passes them along to my husband, who wears them for all his messy house and yard work!

Upon learning of the new addition to their family, I immediately felt a Daddy Quilt was in order.  Mom-to-be gathered up as many shirts as she could from the thrift pile and then I raided my husband’s hand-me-down stash to collect nine shirts.  I selected the fabric combination from this quilt kit because I thought the brown would go well with the orange and brown hues of some of the shirts.

The simple swiss dot pattern is enough to be interesting, but not too busy to detract from the tees.

Just like my larger T Shirt Quilts, the Daddy Quilt is meant to be used.  It’s machine washable.  Throw it on the floor, set the baby down on it, use it in the car or stroller, at the beach,…. cover dad and baby up as they both catch some sleep in the easy chair.   I think our new dad will have plenty of time with his beautiful baby boy playing on this blanket.  I can’t wait to share photos with you!