I am very excited to share with you my latest creation:  The Daddy Quilt Kit!  This kit includes everything you need to make your very own 3 x 3 square T Shirt Quilt Blanket.  I call it the “Daddy” quilt because it’s a great way to use dad’s T shirts to make a special gift for baby!

You may remember that I made one for my great-niece, my new poster girl.  Isn’t she sweet?  She is demonstrating how the Daddy Quilt is perfect to lay on the floor for baby to play!

To test the quilt kit I turned to my blog friend Liz of Living My Sweet Life.  She is a wonderful mom of young boys who shares her sewing pursuits on her blog.  She reminds me a lot of me when I first started sewing.  I was a young, stay-at-home mom who had a desire to create and turned to sewing to fill the nap and evening times.  (Boy, do I miss those days!)

Instead of T shirts, Liz used her husband’s button down shirts to create this adorable quilt!  What inspiration!  I simply love the interesting patterns of the shirts!

Her son snagged the quilt as his own and brings it to bed with him every night.  I am sure it is extra-special because it was made with “Dad’s” shirts!

Using the buttons was a fabulous design feature!  Liz’s boys are not babies.  I would not recommend using the button side of a shirt if you were making a quilt for a baby, but you certainly could use the back side of the shirt for a similar effect!  Cut one of the shirts on the bias for an interesting design!  Mix and match button-down shirts, T shirts, sweatshirts.  You are only limited by your creativity!

I was so inspired by the Liz’s use of button-down shirts that I upcycled one of my husband’s shirts (it was sitting in my “mending” bag) into a drawstring bag.

You can read Liz’s post which describes her Daddy Quilt experience here.

The Daddy Quilt Kit includes:
Cotton sashing fabric, pre-washed, cut into strips
Non-pill polar fleece for the back
Vinyl window to center and trace T shirt designs
Coordinating thread
Upcycled button-down shirt/drawstring bag

In addition to the sweet red with mini, white dots fabric, I offer the kit in black, brown, and royal blue colors.  These are unisex colors th
at work with many colors of tees.  Each kit will be packaged in a unique, upcycled button-down shirt drawstring bag.  This bag can be used to hold the finished quilt.

I’ve taken the boring work out of quilt-making with this kit!  All you have to do is find nine T shirt sides.  Liz said the entire project took about 3.5 hours.  It’s a perfect project to sew in a weekend!  You can break the project down as follows:

Friday night:  Select and rough cut T shirts
Saturday morning:  Interface shirts while watching your favorite TV show
Saturday afternoon:  Sew top of quilt blanket
Sunday:  Sew quilt top to backing and complete top-stitching
Sunday evening:  Cuddle your baby in your quilt!

The creative possibilities of the Daddy Quilt Kit are plenty:
Make one for your new baby
Make one for your friend’s baby shower
Use Dad’s college sweatshirts
Use MOM’s shirts and make a “Mommy” quilt!
Use family shirts for a lap quilt for Grandma or Grandpa
Make a picnic blanket
Use as a decorative wall hanging
Preserve memories of a loved one

I am also open to discussing fabric options.  For help I turn to my fabric fabric stores:  Contemporary Cloth and Jo-Ann.  Just contact me to discuss!

You’ll find my quilt kits here.

Don’t like the idea of sewing but love the idea of the Daddy Quilt?  Find my custom items here.

I hope you will find the Daddy Quilt a practical and pretty item.  These functional blankets are meant to be used:  throw them on the floor, use them in the stroller, car, beach.  They are fully washable.  I look forward to seeing your finished creations.