You’ve heard me mention that I have made all my nieces and nephews a quilt when they graduate high school.  I’ve made 10 so far – there are 18 (including my own kids.)  Well, I didn’t start making them until after the oldest nephew graduated.

I have been waiting for that nephew, the only one married, to have a baby!  (I guess I could be waiting a long time for THAT to happen.)  OK, so his wife is pregnant and we are all very excited.  (Except my youngest son, who is lamenting that he won’t get all the attention….)

I used my T-Shirt Quilt pattern but made a 3 x 3 design.  It’s meant to be a functional blanket.  Something that can be thrown on the floor so baby can play or perhaps thrown in the stroller to cover up on a chilly day.

Most of the shirts are dad’s – including some from Little League baseball, high school, college and a marathon.

For a bit of whimsy and to echo the polka-dotted sashing fabric, I used a “cuddly soft” fabric found in the baby section of Joann’s.

I love the polka dot backing.  It is super soft, but also super stretchy.  Sewing it was difficult and the quilt actually puckers a bit.  (The perfectionist in me hates that.)

The center square is from the dad-to-be’s toy bag he used when growing up.

We can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our family!