I was reading PDXKnitterati and she had wonderful pictures of the ocean views at her Crafty Mom Weekend.  (How fun would that be?)  The water can put me at peace.  I love the roar of the wind in my face, the crash of the waves, the constant cycle of the waves.

Here on the shores of Lake Erie we are starting to experience the tease of spring.  There is warmth, sunshine and breezes – rather than the cold, north-westerly winds bearing down on us.

We had quite an old-fashioned winter, with cold temperatures and snow on the ground for nearly three months straight.  We enjoyed sledding and ice skating in the back yard.  But now we are “done” with winter.  Before it leaves us, I wanted to take the kids down to the lake to see the ice.

As far as the eye can see, ice meets sky, perhaps all the way to Canada.  I imagine I am in Antarctica.  I am in awe of the stillness of the view.  My memory takes me back to summer –  combing the beach for glass, swimming, soaking in the sun.  But fur now, quiet.
The ice can tempt.  When we arrived at the park, two police officers were escorting two young boys back to their homes.  They had been walking out on the ice, as evidenced by their footprints.  It doesn’t look like they ventured too far, but you never know the thickness of the ice and we had too many tragedies in the area to not shudder at what could happen.

During a visit to my brother’s beach-front home on another shore of Lake Erie, the landscape was lunar.

The docks are silent.

And the only splash of color against the browns and grays of the landscape were these cars, awaiting their day to go back on the amusement tracks.

Are you seeing the promise of spring?