We went outside today for a last ice skate. We thought it was “so warm” because it was 32 degrees outside. Why? Because the weather lately has been cold, dark, and gross. This morning it was like 5 degrees outside. Thankfully it warmed up a lot. This is probably the last time we will skate due to all the cracks we made. We had a lot of fun and just skated. And of course we had fun making some cracks too. We didn’t get to skate that long. We lasted about 25 minutes outside, because there was so much water flooding us. So we skated and laughed, hoping it will be the LAST of winter. We are so sick of winter, for once. Though we still have to go through March, but hopefully it won’t be that bad. But the thing we enjoyed the most today was the sun. It was finally out. We were ecstatic.