Is this what you are doing this summer? Or are you on a treadmill like me? And I don’t mean the mechanical type. I mean the type that consists of four teenagers coming and going every which way so fast that your head spins!
How I long for the boredom I used to experience, as a child, at this time of year. Ready and excited to go back to school.
Well, I’m ready for school to begin, now, but I always lament what I didn’t accomplish this summer. We haven’t even had many warm or dry days to enjoy at the beach!
The sky last night was fall-like. I love fall here in Ohio, but it just seems like summer weather hit full swing. 
My neighbor asked me to make a seat cushion for her swing. I love this swing! I wish I had one. I can imagine cozying up to a book while swinging. And her daughter is so sweet! 

I have only made seat cushions for local customers.  They really are not hard to sew. The hard part is the math. That isn’t even that difficult. You just have to make sure you make all the proper measurements. I usually turn to my Singer Sewing books and some tutorials. (Check them out on my Pinterest board.) This cushion has a zipper around the back. To add to the fullness, I wrapped the foam in batting.

It looks really nice on the swing. It makes me want some cushiony furniture for my deck. We have tables and chairs and two plastic Adirondack chairs. But an outdoor couch would be a great place to take a break with a book.

I hope you are enjoying the end days of summer!