I was directed to an article (via a Facebook friend, of course) on the Freakonomics web site. Have you read those books? They are highly interesting and entertaining. They are great to listen to – especially on long car rides.

As someone who loves to learn, has taught in and out of the classroom, as a mom who has raised different levels of learners, the topic of how we learn intrigues me.  My kids run the range of 99th percentile to struggling reader/learner.  What works for one child does not necessarily work for another.
Our country does not rank as high as other countries as far as student performance in the math and sciences.  I don’t believe it’s because we are not spending enough money in the class room.  In fact, I have very strong opinions about the use of technology in the classroom.  Sure, smart boards are neat and can be used in creative ways, but nothing replaces the creativity of a teacher in engaging a student.  
My kids have encountered  many a creative and inspiring teacher.  They have also encountered mediocre teachers.  Frankly, I believe there needs to me more market controls in the education environment.  The parents and the students are consumers of education.  We should have a voice.
Please don’t misunderstand me.  I respect and admire teachers.  As a substitute teacher I can say that our kids are not always the angels we think they are (as I learned at parent conferences last night.  What is it about my boys that their inner clown emerges in 7th grade?  I blame my husband’s genes…..)  But when you view learning through the eyes of someone who struggles, you realize there are better ways to teach.