My mom and me out to dinner with my husband
52 is…..
– tinnitus, plantar fasciitis, macular degeneration, cheater glasses
– running, biking, skiing, tennis, swimming, sailing #likeagirl
– fitbit, counting steps, and counting calories
– counting the minutes til your kids are out of the house
– counting the days until they come home again
– turtling a catamaran (three times) and living to laugh about it (and then cry about it)
– grey hair, muffin tops, muffins, contradictions
– not giving a damn about hair dye and spanx
– not giving a damn about what people think
– being kind rather than being right (most of the time…)
– forgetting names, faces, questions I’ve asked
– remembering the good old days
– eating out
– eating vegetables
– Malbec
– saying goodbye to aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, parents
– cherishing every family gathering, party, dinner, shower, wedding
– neck wrinkles
– knitting, sewing, photography
– wearing wool
– organizing and cleaning my home, but not necessarily scrubbing it every week
– remembering my love of disco music and dancing
– enjoying good jazz
– being transported by music to another time
– being in the moment of listening to one of the kids at the piano
– wondering if you have done the right things as a parent
– being reminded that maybe you did when your kids go to church, or they tell you they believe in the American dream, or when you get letters from their professors (in college!) or deans that they are outstanding students
– worry
– Words With Friends
– friends
– reconnecting with old friends on Facebook
– sending text messages with fat thumbs
– root canals
– candy
– talking about who is sick or in the hospital
– aches and pains
– talking about our aches and pains
– doctor appointments
– shoveling snow
– soaking up the sun without sunscreen (just for a few minutes!)
– learning the game of hockey
– liking hockey!
– embarrassing your 15-year-old son by talking to every girl that wears his hockey jersey
– talking
– talking too much
– finding time to actually talk to your husband
– moving kids in and out of college and dorms and apartments
– feeling energized on a college campus
– teaching your kids how to cook
– cooking
– reading
– studying history
– going to the library and wandering the stacks
– loving used book stores
– smiling
– taking selfies and smashing your Ipod to bits
– trying to take selfies from an angle that doesn’t show your double chin
– embarrassing your kids with your #waytoolonghashtags on Twitter
– watching BBC dramas, Downton Abbey, Cranford, Larkrise, Austen films
– watching the Bachelor (no, not really!)
– appreciating your teens
– appreciating that I am not a teen
– enjoying seeing what is going on in my friends’ lives
– taking one day at a time
– being grateful for another day