I have to admit I was pretty spoiled in college.  My mom, my sisters, my sis-in-laws, my friends all sent me tons of letters and care packages in school.  My cookie-making is seriously slacking these days…and in the world of Facebook, texting and emails, hand-written notes are far and few between.
Since we are working on healthy eating choices, I asked my daughter for ideas of  snacks and items for care packages that aren’t completely sugar-filled.  Here’s her list.  

1. Dried Apricots
2. Graham crackers (regular, chocolate, and cinnamon)
3. Healthy choice microwavable soups (Chicken noodle, chicken with rice, Italian wedding soup)
4. Starbucks Refreshers Beverage.  These are sold retail at Starbucks and other places.  (Are these healthy???)

5. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Breakfast Bars
6. Special K Cereal Bars
7. Jif To-Go Peanut Butter Packets
8. Cereal! Special K, Post Great Grains
9. Animal Crackers
10. Bretton Crackers
11. Pretzels
12. Fig Newtons
13. Goldfish
A few non-food ideas:

  • handmade soaps
  • disposable razors
  • plasticware
  • gift cards:  Chipotle, Subway

 I’d love to hear your suggestions!