Do you keep trying to find the “ultimate” calendar solution for your lifestyle?  I have tried a number of different ways, but since I spend a lot of time in the Studio/Office I have primarily settled on using Outlook Calendar.  I especially loved it when they added labels (2003?) so that I could color code the kids’ activities.

I also like that I can enter piano lessons, basketball practice, birthdays and anniversaries as a recurring events.  This doesn’t mean that I remember to send a birthday card!

I have not gone paperless, however.  I print out a monthly calendar for the bulletin board and to give to my husband.

I am currently also printing out a weekly calendar.  I’ve tried various formats – small ones to put in the purse – daily, with hourly lines.  But for now, the winning method is the weekly calendar.  There is enough room to write down “to dos”.  Although, It’s not always enough space for a long to do list.

The biggest drawback when switching to a digital calendar was not having it with me when I needed to make appointments.  The answer came in the form of my Itouch.  I bought it several years ago with some birthday money and I love it.  I love it for my music, audio books that I get from the library, and it even has my favorite movie, Becoming Jane.  (BTW, I bought a used one at Best Buy and saved a ton of money.  Even though that store usually drives me bonkers, a young clerk suggested a used one that was kept under the display cases.  Boy was I ever grateful because I simply did not want to carry around a device in my purse that was $200+!  It has worked like a charm!)

So when I am at the dentist I simply enter my new appointment in the Itouch and then sync it with my calendar.    

What calendar methods do you use?