I thought I’d share a few photos from our family reunion. We have two reunions in July on back-to-back weekends. This one is a long weekend away, that was started when my Mom and Dad started going to Cedar Point every year. We do the same things every year and it is a tradition we love. My dad died 5 years ago on this weekend. It was the only time we didn’t go in all the years growing up. Tradition was always so important to him so the timing was fitting.

Everyone was thrilled that they moved the swimming line out deep enough to swim. Usually we could only go up to our knees. There were all kinds of white bass jumping out there and several hit some of us! Lots of screams!

The beach here is one of the finest in Ohio. My husband and I walked up and down it numerous times. We found tons of Lucky Stones.

An old hotel.

Sometimes all this fun can be tiring. (This 50-something lady knows the feeling….)

Cousins are great friends.

Our own private back room for a sit-down dinner, treated by my mom! Our out-of-town nephews – PA and TX.

Tofts ice cream. That’s a medium!

New shirts this year.

One of the hottest days of the year. In the 90s with high humidity. The good thing is we can go back to the room/pool/beach to take a break. (Except my husband, daughter and son who didn’t stop!)

Yes, I went on the Gatekeeper. Fun ride. I hate harnesses. Period.

This is my favorite ride. It is really windy up on top with an amazing view. It’s a little scary, too!

Give me an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster any day!

Sand sculptures for those who have a lot of energy (my husband and son.)

Amazing Maiden Jane beach blankets on the beach….

The youngest cousins…..summer reading…..snacking….and WiFi on the beach. So much for being unplugged!

The piano man with a piano tan…..

Dinner at the marina.


Sailing. Lots of sailing and good wind this year!

After our day in the park, we return to my sister’s room for “pizza party.” We squeeze in – all 30+ of us to enjoy pizza and fun stories. This year we regaled the youngsters with tales of our dating years. Boy were they surprised! I don’t think we ever laughed so hard!

This time together is important for us and appreciated by the younger generation. We come back, not refreshed in body, but renewed in family!