Annie had homecoming a few weeks ago.  Even though she is a budding seamstress, and even though I made most of her sister’s dresses, she “bought” a dress!  She made the pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet.  The dress was cream with a pink sash.  The pink was an off shade, so it was hard to find the right color.  She scored a pair of shoes at Payless for $2 – we accepted that it was just a tad “off.”!

Prior to the dance Annie was confident the strapless dress would not present a problem.  (I’ve had my share of problems in the past.) But as the dance approached she realized it was not as snug as she would like. It fit well in the waist, so I sewed a  simple pair of darts in the back.  I also offered to stitch in a couple loops so that she could add some clear straps.  I thought the straps would be wise once she started dancing, but she refused, insisting that it would look “bad.”  We also added the special bra tape, but it still ended up being uncomfortable and Annie learned that she will never wear a strapless dress again.  (See my past challenges here and here.)

The evening was a success.  We hosted 12 teens for dinner.  We had a gaggle of parents and kids taking photos in the yard, then headed in for a lively dinner.  The kids were very well-behaved and nice.  You see them toasting sparkling juice!