Nope. No pretty, pale Christmas ornaments. No tree (haven’t cut it down yet.) No Christmas crafts (too busy sewing.) No snow. No ice rink (and boy, oh, boy, was my husband upset to learn that a deer walked through it last night….it might be empty now.)

But we did have a party a few weeks ago!  Here are the boys at the piano with our sweet, little, neighbor boy who is discovering the joy of music!

A party always has to have music! And food. And Great Lakes beer! In this case, the Dos Equis guy was transformed into a special leprechaun I know!

Now I’m planning the next parties…sometimes I think my life is just the stuff I do in between parties!

Thanksgiving with the kids – and one!

Gosh, I wish I had this kind of light at my house! This is at my brother- and sis-in-law’s home.

Wishing you the joy, peace, and craziness of the season….

Oh! And a fun giveaway to win a gorgeous pendant from my daughter’s shop, Words Truly!

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