I love my Betty Crocker cookbook!  I received it as a wedding shower present and it has been my favorite “go to” book through 23 years of marriage!
The ring binder I’m sure was a new concept when this book was published.  Sure, the table of contents is worn and there are some pages with major grease spots, but I still refer to this book.  Other books occasionally get opened, but mostly sit on the shelf.  How to hard boil eggs?  Betty.  Fajitas?  Betty.  How to cut and cook a leek?  Betty.  (And that was just learned this month on my vegetarian adventures!)
The best sugar cookies in the world?  Betty.  I can only give you a sneak peek at the recipe, but you can see the ingredient that makes these cookies light and crispy.

I have become the “cross cookie” aunt.  The nieces and nephews love my sugar cookies!  And to keep that mystique going, I only make sugar cookies once a year at Easter.  One double batch makes a lot of cookies…

I simply sprinkle some sugars on them before baking.

The flavor of these cookies brings me right back to my corner bakery in Cleveland!  Their sugar cookies were light and crispy like these!  Mom would occasionally give me a quarter to buy a donut on the way to school or a cookie to have for lunch.  (I walked home for lunch in those days!)  They had the best donuts, too!

Is Betty Crocker on your shelf?  What’s your favorite Betty recipe?  What recipe are YOU famous for making?