Just cuz you want to know, right?

In my journey from Couch to 5K I found that a good playlist went a long way in motivating me to keep running. Annie created some for me, which were fun because I never knew what song was coming next.  I tried a variety of genres.  But when it came time to run the first 5K I created a special playlist.  It started as something of a “contemplative” list.  Music that makes me think or that I get lost in.  I thought about it being all instrumental but it became more of a favorites list.  Annie couldn’t believe I was running to this boring and, often, slow playlist!  But you have to know that I also envisioned myself running through the vineyards on a gorgeous autumn day….just as I imagine myself in the Tuscan countryside….Well, you know what the reality was – a mudbath!  But this playlist gives you a glimpse into my eclectic tastes, from musicals (Les Mis) to soundtracks (Becoming Jane) to piano (George Winston) to my everything (Jamie Cullum).

(I love Jamie Cullum just about as much as I love James McAvoy….anyone see my “Fav Actors board on Pinterest lately???)

What do you like to listen to when you run?