I love my friend Sarah’s “Ordinary Days” posts on her blog.  The past few weeks have been all crazy-like.  But I think those are my “ordinary days.”   I was able to take some time out of my hectic schedule to enjoy a lunch and tea and the cutest tea room!

Annie looks adorable in this hat.  It was a complete splurge.  We went to Aurora Farms Outlets a few weeks ago and she tried this on in the Coach store.  Well, how could we not buy it when she looks so cute in it?  I was always a hat girl….

Our lunch and tea was delightful!  I had a wonderful English Breakfast Tea….yum.  Annie was disappointed that her older sister who had just come home from college couldn’t join us, but she was earning money playing piano for another Mother’s Day Tea….

Speaking of going out, here I am at a “Black Tie Optional” affair.  Colors were black, white and green.  I ordered a green necklace from Twillypop to jazz up a black dress I had in the closet.  I’m sticking my neck out to try to smooth out my turkey neck!  The room was art deco and the event was a blast.  It took place in the old Higbee Silver Grille – a restaurant in a downtown department store that we would visit at Christmas. We would get our hamburger in a special cardboard box shaped like an oven!

To say that I have been busy quilting is an understatement.  This is the first time I actually had more than one quilt to photograph!  I’ve always wanted to show a stack of my quilts.  Well, two of these are ready to ship out and the other two are from my dear college kids.
They came home – and as much as I’d love to say it’s so special to have them home – it’s a lot of adjustment!

First, there’s the laundry.  Then the stuff!  That’s my daughter’s quilt on top of her pile!  And below you’ll see it fresh out of the drier.  I’m happy to report the kids’ blankets have held up well!

So, ordinary days….working, cleaning, going to baseball games, running, making dinner, going out to hear dear son, worrying until dear son comes home from gigs, computers, cell phones and chargers everywhere….
I wouldn’t have it any other way!