My husband and I had an opportunity to see my son perform in a college concert last week.  If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you will know that my oldest son is a musician.  We thought he would make a good engineer but he is following his passion.

I envy him.

When we were visiting colleges with him I wondered how any 17 year old could know what they want to “be”.  They are so young.  When I was 17 I don’t think I had a passion.  I was a good student and “smart” by certain standards.  I dabbled in an art class and crafts at home, loving them, but never had time to pursue those.  I kept forging ahead, selected chemical engineering as a major while also pursing pre-med classes.  How do you know if medicine is your passion?  Engineering?

By about junior year I was pretty sure engineering was not my passion, but couldn’t turn back.  I decided that my life would be a journey through many careers.

My daughter started college this year.  She is brilliantly smart, opinionated, talented.  But finding her passion is a challenge and a journey she is just beginning.

I remember the first few years of working exploring different departments.  I loved teaching and working with customers in technical marketing.  I also remember, during a class I was taking, drawing “Men and Their Big Heads.” (I’ll blog about it someday).  No wonder I wasn’t a very good engineer…I was too busy drawing in class!

So perhaps I wasn’t able to find my passion at a young age, but I did hope to be a mother some day.  So what are my passions now?

  • Being a wife and mom
  • Managing my home
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
  • Creating
  • People
  • Teaching
  • Organizing
  • Talking
  • Wine
  • Entertaining
That’s a few….what about you?  What is your passion?