Here we are after cleaning up a little following our 5K last Sunday.  This was after a normal, chaotic weekend. But it was a beautiful morning to participate in a 5K. Some of you may know that I started the Couch to 5K program last year.  Annie kept me moving and we ran our first 5K together in a gorgeous vineyard – in the pouring rain! (Time 43″).

Everyone made fun of me for wanting to run, but the changes occurring in my body motivated me to push myself harder than I had been.  (You may also notice that there has not been much change in the body since running….but I feel great!)

This year my older daughter used the Couch to 5K program and we needed to find a race that fit our schedule and that we could fit in before she returns to school.  We found the Run, Jan, Run.  I love the name, of course. Running 5Ks has been a great way to have fun, keep me motivated, and learn about many organizations.  This particular run benefits the Women’s Recovery Center of Cleveland.  What a fantastic cause!  I also love the idea behind the name:

“When run,jane,run was created it was in response to the elementary school readers in which Dick would run, jump and play while Jane watched from the sidelines. Today Dick and Jane compete side by side for the same reasons…health, fitness, social activity and to raise money for a great cause.”

I was unable to take photos because it is too hard to lug a camera around. The run took place alongside Lake Erie at Edgewater park. It was a gorgeous morning!  

There was a hill….but I plugged through!  My time was 35″, down from my last race which was around 38″ (which was an improvement from the mud run at the winery!)  My husband ran with me until the last mile.  I am simply a slow runner.  I’m glad I am improving, but pushing hard also takes a lot of of me – I was pretty sore and tired this week.  My daughter finished under 30″, which was her goal and won in her age division, which she did not expect!   My son also won his division!  (They won the long-sleeve warm up shirts.) He ran like the wind.  He had never run before….all his training took place climbing trees and running around in the back yard!  So now I am encouraging him to train a bit.

I enjoy the spirit and excitement of these events and plan to continue to participate in several per year.  We want to try new runs but each one has become a favorite!