Every year. The same place. The same activities. The same people.

And I love it. Our family has been going to Cedar Point for as long as I can remember.  It started with my parents and the only year we missed was when my dad died.  (Which seemed so appropriate.)

Most people head to the ocean for beach reunions.  Not us! This location is a little over an hour away and has one of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Erie. Other advantages of the lake? No sharks.  No jellyfish. No stingrays. No salt.

Usually no waves, either, except the breakers. You can only body surf when you get strong winds and big waves.  That happens once in a while.

A lovely old hotel.

And lovely girls!

A boy who is not too old to be buried in the sand.

I can watch the activity along the water all day long.  I love to watch the ships coming into Sandusky Bay.

The next generation….

This year there was some activity on the beach – a sand volleyball tournament!

An attempt at beach writing.

My son chose a simple sand sculpture this year.

I took advantage of my nieces and nephews to photograph the beach blanket I made for my niece.  The outtakes were quite funny but won’t be shared so I don’t embarrass them too much!

I didn’t take photos in the amusement park this year.  I love to photograph the rides and you have probably seen my pictures over the years. Just a lot of laughs with my family – my siblings, our spouses our kids and my mom!