This was the summer of the wedding for our family!  It started with my beautiful niece!  Here she is showing the beautiful clutch that Annie made! In fact, after creating those clutches Annie has had a ton of orders!  I believe she’s made over 60!  More on that below…

We had a blast at the reception.  Here are a few of the grand kids with my mom.

Annie in her Coach hat with my mom.

Maggie was the music director.  She helped my niece and sister select the music, practiced with these amazing singers and played.

For this song, Amazing Love, my son and daughter joined in.

Who can resist The Prayer?

My kids.

At the next wedding, vintage hankies were placed at the entrance to the Church.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more joyful bride, but you would have to know her personality to understand she is this way all the time!

A unique reception venue in downtown Cleveland with all kinds of Cleveland accents!

My husband kept saying that I never kiss him like that…..

So many beautiful churches.

Really sharp parents of the bride. My grade school friend married my cousin. They met at my 18th birthday party!  You’re welcome….

Another gorgeous bride!  A lot of my photos blurred (I have to work on those indoor, non-flash photos.) Her dress was so pretty…you can’t see it but she added a simple satin belt in a contrast cream with a vintage-inspired brooch. I’m not sure if that’s an accurate description, but it was quite elegant.

It was so much fun to attend these wonderful weddings!  And since then, Annie’s clutches have been selling like hot cakes!  First, via word-of-mouth and then online.  I love some of the colors and can just imagine the weddings! Annie did NOT want to get a summer job. She kept saying she did not need one.  Well, she proved to be correct. In addition to some babysitting, she worked really hard all summer sewing.