Are you ready for a mini/blog/tweet on #running? You can tune me out…if I could tweet and run, this is what you might have seen…

We don’t get to see the sun that much thanks to Lake Erie and it’s cloud and snow machine!

I am probably the only person I know who has Pachelbel’s Canon in her running playlist….

Actually, Pachelbel’s Canon, in conjunction with heartbeat sounds is used in music therapy.

“Cast Your Fate to the Wind”…George Winston style…

I’m glad the street cleaner turned around!

Why don’t people look up so I can smile at them?

Hey, you with the #DUI #party plates, the marijuana I smell coming out of your van scares me. Get off the road.

I don’t like Invisible Fences in front yards because dogs come charging at me….
I miss my next door neighbors….#RIP Richard and Angie…

I did it! After not running for two months, it felt good to get out there! @maddiebee123