My son turned 21. Boy, do I feel old. I remember turning 21 in college. I was away and my mom sent me a pearl necklace. I was officially a “grown-up!” I think my friends baked me a cake. Maybe we went out.  How did so many years slip by since then?

We usually celebrate my son’s birthday over the Christmas break. But between the short holiday break, the illness, his gigs and conference, we didn’t get around to it. Even though we were driving Route 71 only a few short weeks ago, we decided, if he didn’t have big plans, we would head down to see him.

Isn’t that the sweetest picture of him smiling with his girlfriend? We went to an old-time steakhouse: it was cramped, dark, had piano music and impeccable service.

This was not a haven for vegetarians.  Annie’s steakburger was huge! Our steaks were very good! Filets ordered without butterflying (my Mom insists they should be cooked this way!)

Is it a surprise she named her business “Pink In Mind?”  Her sister says she “needs to get over the pink thing.”

Since the kids have been in college, our vacations have mostly consisted of little one-night getaways. Although it feels like I pack the same whether it’s 5 days or 1, it’s always fun to get away. We stayed at a really nice Embassy Suites. I love Embassy Suites for so many reasons. We started staying at them a while back because it’s a great option for a family greater than 4, unless you want to sleep on the floor. I’m way too skeeved out by hotel rooms to consider that. The manager’s happy hour and full breakfast make it fun and simple, too. And this hotel had so many nice design features – things you don’t realize are nice until you have them.

I think our son enjoyed our visit. We took him to the shopping mecca of Ohio to buy a funky, European cut suit. He has worn the suit we bought him three years ago to a lot of recitals and gigs. But there’s only so many ways to wear a suit. So now he has some more options.

It’s hard to believe my oldest is 21. It seems like I was just sending him off to college and before I know it he will be graduating.

I keep thinking how old I will be when my youngest turns 21!  Old.