You know how I hang out on Etsy?  I admire the beautiful shops with the gorgeous pillows.  A pillow is a great palette on which to experiment with all kinds of artistic stitchery.

I’d share one here, but don’t want to imply that I think pillows are superfluous.  (I featured a number of pillows in a treasury on Tuesday.)

Pillows ARE practical.  We need them to sleep or cozy up on the couch.

And the pillows I see on Etsy or in lovely home magazines ARE pretty.

But in my house, the “throw” pillows are usually “thrown”.  If you have boys, you know that any object can become a projectile.  See that lovely cube?  Even THAT has been a projectile!  Sigh….

In my opinion, pillows are a pain.  I made these yellow pillows with a lovely brushed yellow home decorating fabric that matches my yellow walls perfectly.  I added a piping and throw them into the wash whenever I think too long about how much they sit on the floor.  They have pen marks and, probably, drool marks.  Every day I pick them off the floor and place them neatly into the corner.

Whenever you have guests at the house, you have to hide them because they simply take up too much space!

So the throw pillow:  necessary evil? beautiful room accent? pain in the butt? projectile? work of art?