Are you having dreary March weather?  We are, here in Northeast Ohio.   I set my sights on summer.  And thanks to some customers, I have been working on beach bags!

These adorable bags were made for a mom planning a beach trip this spring.  The bags are for sea shell collecting!  They are quite simple:  a fun fabric top with mesh along the bottom.  A single strap to carry the bag on the shoulder.  The shark bag is designed for a younger beach goer – it has a shorter strap.  The nautical knots has a longer strap so it can be worn across the body if desired.  The mesh makes it easy to wash the shells off in the water.  I think the bags would work well for collecting sea glass, too.  (My favorite summer hobby!)
Both bags are available in my shop.  I do a lot of custom sewing, so if you have something special you want me to make, just ask!  I am willing to explore various sizes and fabrics with you.
This is another custom bag.   The customer wanted the monster fabric for her son’s sand toys.  It is sized like my oversized beach tote – plenty of room to store toys and perfect to shake out the sand.  I am working on developing some of these for my shop.  I designed a plain mesh bag when my kids were little.  We still use it to haul our toys to the beach.  We don’t carry quite as many toys as we used to, but it has served us well.
Annie has caught the spring bug by making fabric flowers and attaching them to headbands.  I think they are so cute!
I hope wherever you are, the promise of spring awaits you!
Annie’s items, shown below, are listed at the Pink Paintbrush.