I was taking photos of my coffee bag centerpieces yesterday and snapped a few of my roman shades. I like very simple, clean designs on my windows. When we remodeled about 5 years ago, we went from eggshell white on all the walls to wonderful colors. We also have an open floor plan, so this area of the kitchen is actually a pass-through from our piano room to our family room.  One room has pale yellow walls, this room has spice and the piano room has chocolate. I found this home dec fabric at Joann’s and I think it’s still available. I have accents of black throughout the home and I love how black makes things pop.  I started with a kit like this:

I also refereed to my Singer Sewing Library for help. I remember the steps being challenging, but not overwhelming as long as you followed the directions.

At first, I was really bothered by the pinholes left by the horizontal stitching.  But I love how the shades can be pulled up for light and still leave some color. (They can be raised all the way up, but I like them just a bit above half.)

Or they can be dropped down for privacy and insulation. They have a very tailored, clean look.

I still admire them from the family room.

They have traditional drapery lining on the back and a simple cord that we pull and wrap on the side. Don’t hesitate to give them a try.