Are you partial to the peplum?  I’ve been noticing them in the fashionista circles in which I run. (OK, that’s pretty much limited to Burda online and the grocery checkout line….)

I did stumble upon this cute shirt tutorial.  The peplum adds a soft and feminine touch.  I would probably use a shirt with sleeves for myself.
I think I’m a bit partial to peplums, although I do not currently own anything with one.  If you google peplums you’ll find some from the 1980s, the decade in which I entered the professional world.  One of my favorite suits had a peplum.  I thought it was just so….smart!  
Shoulder pads were big then, too….
There are some cute styles currently available for sale.  (Click on the photos.)  
Sleeveless dresses aren’t for my sagging arms, but I thought this suit was sharp.  It might be something I could pull off.
I think my love of peplums harkens back to the 1940s versions.  Perhaps its the images of my mother in old black and white photos.  Or perhaps the visions of Hollywood stars in these suits.  It may be with a bit of nostalgia that I look back on this style with admiration.  
Would it work for me now?  I’m not sure.  What about you?  Do you like peplums?