As I prepare for the funeral of a friend’s brother – another victim of cancer – I think about what inspires me.  Mainly, the lives of ordinary people.  I’ve shared with you that I love biographies, non-fiction, survival stories.  I love to read about amazing people. But in making memory quilts I am also reminded of the amazing lives or ordinary people.  The daily struggles people face, the health battles, personal losses and triumphs.

I discovered Beachwrite and love the concept!  The photo above is an example of her work.  I love the beautiful photography and the capturing of what seems like something so fleeting.

Not only is the product of Beachwrite something I love, but the owner, Carolyn, is sharing the very personal story of her mom’s battle with cancer.  She has written so eloquently of how this story has unfolded and of the time she is sharing with her mom in the hospital.  It reminds me of the time my family and I spent with my father as he was dying.  Real – life.  Inspiring.

Visit Beachwrite on Facebook and you are sure to be inspired.