I have the ugliest hands in the world.  Really!  I have short thumbs (like my dad – he used to say that meant we were stubborn!)  I have huge knuckles, nails that are filed, but not manicured. They are all different lengths and you can’t see my cuticles. Oh – and my thumbnails are hugely wide!  Top all that all with big veins and age spots!

Does that paint a pretty picture?

It’s not.  That’s why, in my tutorials,  I hold my scissors and my hands in a similar fashion to the picture above (hiding my nails.)

But I love my hands.  I love working with my hands.  I have loved keeping my hands busy ever since being a young girl.  Perhaps I do take after my father, whose hands laid bricks for a living.

I have been thinking about our hands and all they do and convey….

  • the guiding hands of a teacher
  • the deft hands of a knitter
  • the comforting hands of a mother
  • the careful hands of the surgeon
  • the warm hands of a nurse
  • the steady hands of a therapist
  • the nimble hands of the quilter
  • the skilled hands of the artist
Whatever we do, we connect with our hands, we create with our hands.

Since February/March can be a most difficult point in Northeast Ohio’s winter, I thought this would be a fun time to share our hands.  Create a blog post sharing a photo or photos of your hands.  Be as creative or as simple as you want.  You can simply snap a photo of your hands or a photo of your hands doing what you love to do.

I’ve also created a Facebook page, “Hands Exposed” if you’d like to share that way.

Come back and link up any time in the next three weeks.  Grab a button on the sidebar if you wish. On March 6th.  I’ll share my  hands.  I’ll create a pinterest page and pin your photos as I read your posts.  With your permission, I may periodically share your photos on my blog with a link back to your blog.

There are no prizes or giveaways, just inspire me by revealing your hands!