A cherished customer asked me to create (yet again) a special tote bag.  This is an Army ACU (Army Combat Uniform.)  It belongs to her daughter’s fiance. I forgot to take a photo of it before I cut it apart, but it looks like the one in the link.

The name tag and the U.S. Army were both attached with velcro. I removed all the velcro and stitched the tags on. I also removed the center zipper and sewed the left and right sides together.  The pockets were already at that angle, but with a velcro closure, they can still be used.

I then used my basic bag template to create a roomy bag. It includes a magnetic closure and pockets on the inside that I removed from the sleeve.  The entire bag and straps are lined with sweatshirt fleece for body.

I was not aware that the flag patch is “backward.” The reason for this is explained on the internet and has to do with the location of the flag on the sleeve and that the blue portion, which holds the highest honor, should always be on top or forward.  I decided to sew it to the strap and put the blue on top.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. If you have something you want me to turn into a bag, check out my Etsy listing here.  Or simply contact me.