I had the opportunity to create some items using special sweaters from my customer’s mother. The plain cardigan was turned into a pillow cover. For the embroidered sweater, which holds special memories for my customer and her daughter, my customer wanted something her daughter could use every day.  We went back and forth with ideas and settled on a cowl and a small clutch.

I have seen cowls that are loose, like scarves and then some that are a bit smaller around. My customer wanted something loose. Initially, I bought flannel to line it with as I thought the sweater might not be soft enough for the face.  But then I thought I should keep it stretchy, so switched to a cotton rib knit. I played around with various construction methods, but they all stretched the edges beyond my liking.  So I settled on a serged edge. I serged the two layers together with a wide, long stitch.  Then, I serged over that with a very tight, satin-type stitch.  I’m pleased with the end result. It can be worn as a statement piece, or folded over for a little more warmth.

I settled on a small size for the clutch – it is about 8″ x 5.5″.

I am honored to create unique memory items from a loved one’s special clothing.

As always, if you have inquiries, please contact me.