This pillow was created using my very first cable knit sweater. It is called the Must-Have Cardigan. I was very proud of this knit, despite a few mistakes I made in it. It was warm and cozy. But it was a bit short on me and it didn’t flatter my matronly body anymore. Also, I used my front loader to spin out the water when I hand washed it and it felted a little bit. I gave it to my son but it mostly sat in his closet. So I decided it was time to make a pillow out of it. I removed the sleeves and sewed part of the sleeve into the V of the cardigan. Then I serged around the four sides of each square. Finally, I sewed the two squares together, all the way around. The buttons made it easy to insert the pillow form. I typically cut my squares to the exact size of the pillow form. But I should have thought ahead and realized that I didn’t want to put the sweater into tension. You can see it pulling along the buttons. I may sew that edge down.

But it’s a simple way to upcycle an old sweater – especially one that is as special as this! I cut the sleeves into squares and I’m planning to make hot pads or trivets out of them.

I’m on Ravelry but have also been collecting some favorite knitting patterns on Pinterest. I’ve been smitten with this cable pattern found on Twist Collective. It’s knit from the top-down, so I could lengthen it a bit, too. I have always wanted an orange sweater. This one is knit in the gorgeous Brooklyn Tweed yarns.  I might go stash diving to see if I have enough yarn to make it. I adore the model, too!

Are you diving into any fall crafts?