I’m really excited to share this Custom Upcycled T Shirt Tote with you today. I had a customer who had bought several quilts return to me to create a tote with this shirt. I love repeat customers! It suggests that I am doing something right. She reminded me that her daughter, Jordan, was named after Michael Jordan!

My bags keep evolving. My upcycled bags started with my Sweatshirt Tote Tutorial and this T Shirt Tote Tutorial.

This shirt was much thinner to start. I bounced a few ideas off my customer. The bag is for her daughter who will turn 21, so I enlisted Annie’s help to pick some fun fabrics. There is a bit of silver in the 23, so we picked out a silver fabric and the pindot fabric.

I filled in the V with the silver and added the black to the sides and bottom. I interfaced the shirt lightly because I wanted it to be a hobo style bag. I added an outside pocket and inside pockets as well as a magnet closure. For the inside I used some leftover sweatshirt fleece with a bit of the silver fabric. It was fun to take the ideas in my mind and create as I went.

I was inspired by this pattern for a reversible hobo bag  to make the straps separate so that they could be tied long or short.

Long, it can be worn cross-body.

And short, as a shoulder bag.

I have more bags in the queue for a very patient Etsy friend! Stay tuned!

If you would like to discuss having me make a bag, please contact me!