I was thrilled to work on this project!  First, it added a bit of color into a long, dreary, cold and damp Cleveland “spring.” Second, there is a lot of sentiment wrapped up into this blanket! And, third, piano key borders make me happy!

My customer sent two curtain panels which were used in her nursery 38 years ago.  38 years!  She wanted a practical throw and selected a Shannon Minky Solid Cuddle in color Sunshine from Fabric.com.  I took the curtains with me to Joanns and selected four Kona cottons that coordinated with the colors in the curtain.

I suggested adding a piano key border to add interest.  I had to calculate the size of the border panel.  Since I had two curtain panels, I added an extra 6″ to each side of the main panel so that I would ultimately reach the full 60″ width of the minky.  I cut 2.5″ strips across the width of the kona cottons and sewed the four colors together. I pressed and cut those into 6.5″ sections.

My calculations said that the piano keys would be 2″, so it would be easy to calculate the exact number needed along the length and height of the panel.  But, my keys ended up being 1.75″, so I had to make some adjustments to get them to fit.

Once I had the entire top panel sewn, I sewed it, right sides together, to the minky.  I turned and pressed and pinned around the edges.  I stitched along the outer edge, along the piano key edge and the curtain panel seam.

Another item sent to me by this lovely customer was a quilted piece of fabric that she stitched up using the bridesmaid’s dresses from her wedding 42 years ago!

I suggested using the panel to create a pillow. We backed it in a lovely white minky chenille.

What special items for my client. What was once sitting in a drawer or closet can now be enjoyed. My client said, “I know this is a business for you but hope you realize the memories you have helped me capture are priceless. Thank you for what you do!”

I am truly humbled and honored to work with my customers to create items that they will cherish and treasure!