prayer book

Mom’s prayer book has been used quite a bit. Do you think that is a big part of how she survived us six kids?

old prayer book

It was held on by one thread in the binding. She has a few loose pages and many prayer cards and holy cards tucked into it. She also had a vinyl cover on it that she must have purchased along the way but it was too big.


I have some Kraft-tex on hand and thought it would be a perfect application for it. Kraftex is a paper fabric that is very strong. I laid down her cover as a pattern for a new cover.

kraftex book repair

I scored the Kraft-tex lightly to help the fold. I then used spread Elmer’s glue along the binding on both the paper and the Kraft-tex.  I used large binder clips to secure it and let the glue dry for a day.


I was impressed at the integrity of the binding. I could have left the book as is, but thought the original cover told a story.

Prayer Book recovered in Krafttex

I haven’t decided whether or not to glue the original cover to the Kraft-tex. That could be done simply. But I also made a new vinyl cover for the book, so I simply slipped the old cover over the new and placed both inside the vinyl.

prayer book with kraftex and vinyl cover

This was a really quick fix and should hold up for a few more prayers!