You may recall that I was asked to make a pillow from a high school varsity jacket.  The jacket belonged to a young father and husband who succumbed to cancer.

This is the original pillow I created:  (You can read the post here.)

His wife loved the pillow so much that she wanted it for herself. She came back to see if I could use the sleeves to create pillows for her two teen sons.

There was enough fabric to create a square.  There was also two versions of  ’81, a football and the remnants of his name patch.

I purchased some wool felt and used it to recreate the name patch.  I tried to salvage the “D” and the “A” but the “D” broke, so I made new letters and kept the original “A”.

I again used polar fleece for the edging and back.

I had enough of the jacket ribbing to use it on one side of the pillows.



I guess you can say that I am on a deconstrucing/reconstructing roll.  I enjoyed the challenge of using the varsity jacket to preserve a memory – again, in a tangible way.

My custom pillow is listed here and all my custom creations are here.  It all begins with a question and I am happy to work with you to preserve your memories.