My girls see cute little girls in cute clothing and tell me, “Mom, you never dressed us up in anything cute.” Gosh – stab me through the heart!  (Aren’t daughters good at that?)

Well, when we were rummaging through the attic, the girls stumbled across these items that I made for them. Each child has one large plastic memory bin in our crawl-space attic.  They can put anything that is sentimental to them – stuffed animals, favorite blankets, figurines.  (School papers and awards are kept separately.)

We recently completed an overhaul of the attic and the girls went through their memory bins.  They chose to thin out items and these handmade items are on the way out.  So please don’t think these are my prettiest items!  I did a lot of smocking when they were young and those are still in the bins!

Knitted Bolero

I made a coat out of polar fleece.  It had a matching hat with a big fold-up brim.

My first hand knit sweater.  I think I will have to keep this one in my own memory bin….

I guess I was a fairly sewist, even when the kids were younger.  I loved to sew during their naps and in the evenings.  I loved having projects to work on and trying to mimic some of the designs I would see in magazines.

Some day I’ll drag my nicer creations out of the attic to share.  For now, these are headed to Goodwill.