I have recently cut into wedding dresses to create keepsakes. The pillow with the lovely buttons down the back was made from a cutting of the dress that was likely removed to shorten the dress. There was enough to make an 18″ pillow!

The lace angel was made from a 1950’s-era lace wedding dress. Additionally, I have made heart ornaments from dresses.

A mom sent me parts of her dress so that I could make two ring bearer pillows. Her sons are young, but she thought she’d put it away for possible use at their future weddings. I made a basic square and purchased ribbon to enhance the pillow and pinching in the middle.

The last pillow was made from my wedding dress for my daughter’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding. My dress did not preserve well so I cut off the beaded top and kept the silk fabric. I tucked it away and used it as the base for this pillow. My daughter wanted a pot of gold so I appliqued some shiny fabric on.