Each wedding dress is a unique challenge to create what my clients envision. They consist of different materials and types of laces. To create the ringbearer pillow above, we started with a video meeting. My client was inspired by an image of a pillow I had made.

This is the back of the dress. When viewing the front there was not a good section of lace that we could envision using on the small pillow. When we turned the dress over, we looked at the bow which also had a lace motif in the center that also appeared on the front. We decided to make that the main design of the ringbearer pillow. I also removed the pearl trim and sewed it, by hand, to the edge of the pillow.

Wedding dress upcycle projects have included some new items – such as a bouquet wrap, hankies and clutch bags.

I had the delightful opportunity of creating special heart ornaments from a vintage wedding dress to be given to family members at a wedding.