She was heading back to college and packing her things.  She needed a raincoat and was all set to buy one when I showed her the jacket our neighbor had given us.  It is a pretty gunmetal grey, tailored, with a belt.  But, like most rain jackets, doesn’t have a hood.

So I decided to make a bucket hat out of my new fabric:  Sis Boom Maeve Fuchsia Laminated from Martha Pullen.  (I intend to make beach totes out of the new fabrics.)

I had some grey quilting cotton to use for the lining.

Working with a laminated cotton can be a little challenging.  It’s best to use a Teflon or roller foot.  I pulled out my Butterick 3664  pattern, which is apparently a vintage pattern.  The link is to an Etsy shop that is currently selling the pattern.

I modified the pattern construction a bit to make it easiest to work with the laminate.  If you have a younger child, you can find a free bucket hat pattern at Oliver & S. Peter from Male Pattern Boldness recently had a post about bucket hats which I found interesting.

A fun project and a nice little birthday present, too.  Practical and pretty!