For those who have followed this blog a while, you might remember that I have been on a quest for a “Cord Minder.”  (Read all about it here, here and here!)  To press my T Shirt Quilts properly, I need a lot of room.  My cord is always getting in my way, bending the fabric and being a general nuisance.  After the failure of the other cord minders, my mechanical engineer husband said he would design something for me.

The key to good design is simplicity.  So the spring my husband used is a long piece of elastic.  One end is attached to a very strong magnet which I place on my cabinet.

The other end is clamped onto the cord.

The beauty of this simple design is that I can adjust it!  I can move the magnet and the clamp to adjust to my different needs!

Am I the only one who needs this?  Do traditional quilters have problems with cords?  Perhaps it’s just my layout.  Now I need a bigger boards….