Did you get to read my interview about Liz of Made In Lowell last week?  She creates many lovely items for  her shop.

I couldn’t resist one of her pincushion rings.  You know I love “practical yet pretty” items and this was the perfect birthday present to myself!  If I’m going to spend a lot of time in my sewing studio, I want to be surrounded by pretty things.

Well, my hand or photograph, isn’t as lovely as Liz’s, but I use my ring all the time!

I especially love the pincushion ring for projects that require a lot of pins – like my quilt blankets!  When I’m crawling around on the floor pinning the layers together it is really handy to be so close to my – well, – hand! And then I can sew with it on and throw the pins right back in!

The pincushions Liz makes are adorable!  So treat yourself to a perfectly practical sewing aid from Made In Lowell!