Everyone in the Greater Cleveland area knows that I sew.  (OK, maybe not everyone….) So they bring me their mending challenges.  This gorgeous dress was brought to me by an acquaintance.  Her daughter attends Chardon High School – where the terrible school shootings occurred.  Everyone in the city voted for this school to receive a free prom at the Rock n Roll Museum downtown.  And the kids certainly deserve to have fun!

The beautiful layers of chiffon were seamed together in a most challenging way.  It was not a simply turn and pin fitting.  It took me two hours and I was still not confident I had it right.  The good thing about the lalyers is that it is forgiving.  There is so much movement that you can’t tell if it’s slightly uneven.  But I had to remove the bottom of all the seams all the way around so that I could do a narrow hem.  It took me an entire day to cut and baste.

Boy, do I have a lot to learn.  I wish I was one of those old babushka ladies that could mend anything.  How did they learn?  Did they work at dressmaker shops or bridal shops?  I like to take on challenges because I always learn something new.  But removing 8″ from a dress like this was hard.  Would it have been better to remove it at the waist and chop there?  I’d love to hear any tips you might have on mending a dress like this. And tips on pinning, too!  I basically took the dress and cut it at the floor because it was simply too hard to pin 8″ up – especially with all the folds.  The dress is stunning on the young lady.  It’s strapless (and not sitting on the form very well.)

And, oops, I did it again…..this one does not have the pleated layers.  It did have a train.  Again, the pinning of the hem was a challenge.  Mom helped.  I first cut, then we turned and pinned and still we don’t feel we have it even.  There are two layers of lining and one top chiffon-like layer.  I haven’t started this one yet….