I’m thrilled to share this T Shirt Quilt Blanket with you.  I did not make it.  Sarah of A League of Her Own made the quilt as a gift for her brother.  She used my pattern and she did a fantastic job!

I am so thrilled that Sarah shared the finished product with me.  She had a few questions along the way.  I asked her if she had any particular problems with my pattern.  She said that it didn’t print out to the correct dimension even though the test square did.  This may be a printer issue as I double-checked it on my printer and it was fine.  Just be sure to check your pattern against the measurements.

Sarah said her brother was thrilled with the blanket.  What a nice gift!

My niece Katie is the second-oldest of the 18 grandkids.  She was the first person I made a T Shirt Quilt for as a high school graduation present. Since she is 28, that was ten years ago!  I’ve made a lot of blankets since then and my design has evolved from that first blanket.  But Katie is a gal after my own heart – loves to sew – and she has been making blankets for her friends for years.  She shared her first 9-Block blanket with me.  This is a baby blanket!

She used an extra-soft, textured brown fleece for the backing.  Great job Kate!

Finally, I want to share a customer, Cassie, who was so kind to share pictures of my Bandana Headband on her amazing head of hair!  The bandanas are really a headband because they have elastic underneath.

They are designed for big girls and Cassie totally pulls it off!  Plus, they are a practical way to keep your hair out of your face – when you’re sewing!

Thanks so much Sarah, Katie and Cassie for sharing with me.  I appreciate all of my customers and love having the opportunity to share your creations!